About me


    My name is Marcin and I have always felt some connection with photography. Since beginning of the 21 century I’m real passionate about photography. This is the time when I bought my first digital camera. It was a ultrazoom. Soon I realized that this kind of cameras are stopping me. When I took my first job I instantly bought a DSLR – that was an ancient time when the Canon 300D was a top notch camera. Next steps were just a natural way we improve things, discover what we need and we get it.

    Meantime I met beautiful girl – Karolina. And it could not be other way – we got married. Soon we were celebrating births of our two marvelous daughters – Justyna and Weronika and a son – Patrick. Family is far the most most important for me .. and I’m real lucky to be able to have both a great family and a passion for photography.

    If you share the same feeling for both a family and a photography as me – join me and I guarantee that the results will have emotions and a top quality inside.


See you on the other side of the lens …