Justyna & Javier

“Hi! Judging Marcin’s work during our wedding, we can speak in pure superlatives. What Impressed us is his professionalism, perfect English and his approach to people. We all felt very comfortable in front of his camera.”

        Gosia & Tomek

“Pictures taken by  Marcin are the perfect reflection of the moment. He captures the very best moments and He is always exactly where something is happening, while remaining chameleon-like :)
He is not afraid of any  unfavorable weather conditions during the open-air photo session! This is definitely the right person at the right place. He has a head full of ideas, able to advise and listen. When he is around it is impossible to  get stressed.
Marcin, thank you again for a wonderful memories of this the most important day for us. Every time we get back to your  photos smiles are back on our faces together with  memories – Thank you!

        Ania & Tomek

“Perfect, reliable, discreet photographer with very good manners and sense of humor. He can capture the beautiful moments of the ceremony. I have benefited from his services twice: on the wedding and and the christening. The effect of his work  can be admired on the pictures. I heartily recommend.”

        Dorota & Krzysztof

“We met Marcin at the point of time when he was hanging his gear. We put trust in his skills based on the photos taken with his previous ‘toys’. His skills, commitment and real professionalism convinced us that we’ve made a very good choice. You can easily tell that it’s his passion. All that made our next choice of photographer an easy one – we asked Marcin to shot our daughter’s christening. “

        Karina & Michal

“If you are looking for a photographer who is open to you, your expectations and ideas, who will always find a time  for you , who will do literally everything to make those memorable and the most important moments captured in the most beautiful way and additionally shut them in a lovely setting, and above that is simply a buddy without pomposity, here he is – Marcin Kałdonek. Highly recommended.”

        Monika & Tomek

“Hello, the ceremony proceeded without any problems, we felt no stress.  After leaving the church – we were just easy. Marcin exactly knew what to do, he was giving  us small tips. His attitude was professional yet with a broad smile. We are pleased with the cooperation, so we will recommend his services to our friends. Greetings – Monika and Tomek.”


        Milena & Radek

“Excellent communication, professional and well targeted advices that lower the tension and increase our photogenic factor :) and above all, excellent photos in terms of both the technique and creativity. All the above lead us to a honest and sincere recommendation of Marcin’s services for you and your venue!”

        Aga & Jan

“Cooperation with Marcin was fantastic, he impressed us with his tranquility, diligent work, ideas … superb! And as spouses we feel very well. :)”

        Marta & Damian

“Na Marcina trafiliśmy przypadkowo, jednak był to strzał w 10 :) Od samego początku współpraca układała nam się wyśmienicie, po pierwszym spotkaniu już wiedzieliśmy, że dobrze wybraliśmy fotografa – Marcin ujął nas swoją otwartością, uśmiechem i naturalnością, co jest bardzo ważne gdy ma być się pod ostrzałem obiektywu. Na ślubie, weselu i plenerze ani przez chwilę nie czuliśmy się skrępowani. A co najważniejsze fotografie zrobione przez Marcina zachwycają! Mamy naprawdę piękną pamiątkę, uchwycił nasze emocje i najważniejsze momenty uroczystości. W pakiecie zdecydowaliśmy się również na plener – i tu jakie było nasze zaskoczenie gdy usłyszeliśmy, że Marcin jest gotowy pojechać z nami na plener do naszego ukochanego Gdańska, pomimo że Ślub był w okolicach Warszawy. Marcin odwiedził nas w Gdańsku w pełni wyposażony i nie szczędził nam czasu, odwiedziliśmy wszystkie miejsca, które chcieliśmy, a naszemu Fotografowi nie brakowało pomysłów na naprawdę dobre ujęcia. POLECAMY!!!”


Martyna & Krzysiek

“I and my husband remember the cooperation with Marcin to be real pleasure, soon we were by name and we did not feel awkward at all. He is always on time with a big smile and what is more important he’s real polite. He claimed that photography is his passion. It was easilly spotted throughout our entire cooperation. Additionally, when we settled the place for wedding he proposed a real nice location near by for our wedding session. Moreover all those moments captured were delivered to us in outstanding photo album.”

 Marzena & Marcin

“First we saw our friend’s wedding, then we asked for the contact to the photographer and here is how our adventure with MArcin begun. Once, twice … He was able to document the most important events for us with exceptional photos. We are more than pleased with MArcin and our cooperation. I’m sure we will have an opportunity to meet in future. Thanks.”

Aldona i Przemek

“We met Marcin during the one of the most important days of our lives. Despite the fact we know each other real briefly he was able to match our temper and our expectations. As a professional photographer he did caught all the most important moments of the blessing, the ceremony and the reception. He was always in place and moved like a shadow documenting important moments of the day. As a result the pictures are natural as if he was not there at all. He has a top notch gear so the quality, saturation and the frames are perfect. The wedding session was a real work but we remember it as a pleasant one. Marcin knows how to motivate us to pose despite the October’s heat. He had tons of ideas so we could choose the ones that suited us most. He adapted fast to our needs so we took photos in 2 places 60km apart. He is really oriented to satisfy the new weds and to meet all their wacky ideas. We remember the cooperation with Marcin very well. We can truly recommend him.”